Quick and budgety Half-Bath Makover

16 Oct

Quick and budgety Half-Bath Makover

Complete Home Showcasing Nashville Photographer Christopher Pratt

9 Oct

Like the many of the homes our real estate industry pros are rehabbing, Complete Home has been undergoing its own upgrade. In addition to expanding home hardware offerings from Emtek, Kwikset, Weslock, Better Home Products and Schlage, we are in the process of re-inventing our showroom. With custom wrought doors and brand new hardware samples featuring today’s latest modern styles and classic finishes, we’re excited for all the new changes.

Something else very new to the Complete Home Hardware showroom is fine art photography.  We are proud to display, here in our showroom in Franklin, TN , 4 pieces of work by Nashville portrait and music photographer Christopher Pratt.  With three of the pieces being a collection of “cowboy boot” prints, taken at Painted Creek horse farm owned by Kix Brooks and his wife Barbara and the 4th an incredible shot taken from the stage of the Ryman Auditorium, we thought these a perfect fit to our showroom.  We recognize that your house doesn’t really feel like a “home” until you decorate the walls.  Art, tells your house guests a lot about who you are.  So, as we are expanding our home interior design products and hardware, we will also be working with local artists to fill our showroom with beautiful works to fill your home.  Please stop by and take a look.  I know you will love Christopher Pratt’s fine art photography prints as much as we do.  Christopher can be reached at, his website or by phone at 615-794-3880,to schedule portrait sessions, purchase prints or inquire about Adoption Media packages.

Nashville portrait and music photographer Christopher Pratt also offers Adoption Media services

Nashville Portrait and Music (band) Photographer Christopher Pratt

"Leipers Fork Work Boots" taken in Leipers Fork by Nashville Photographer Christopher Pratt

“Leipers Fork Work Boots” –Christopher Pratt Image and Concepts Photography

"Stacked and Spurred" Nashville Portrait Photographer Christopher Pratt

Shot at Painted Creek horse farm owned by Kix Brooks and wife Barbara

"Cowgirls Love Their Boots

Shot at Painted Creek horse farm, owned by Kix Brooks

Look What They’re saying about us!

15 May

Leading E-Commerce Home Hardware Provider Everything Doors Inc Announces Soft Launch Of….


Help Someone Help Themselves-

2 May
Kiva.Org Loans That Change Lives

Help someone who really want to help themselves

I have something to share today that, we at Complete Home Hardware, think is pretty important. It’s not information about a new doorknob style or the latest cabinet hardware or faucet sale.  It’s is both a grassroots effort and a global program, focused on making loans to applicants who would not be a qualifying candidate for a loan, in the traditional lending community.  The money is awarded in the form of a microloan.  Some of you may have heard these types of loans, given to high risk borrowers, tend to leave the person or business in worse debt than before they received the loan.  Microloans usually have a pretty hefty interest rate, making minimum payments and defaults very damaging.   Kiva, as an organization, doesn’t make one cent on interest because no interest rates are attached to their loans.

The money Kiva loans is 100% funded by people, companies, lending teams and,now that you are aware, hopefully YOU!  Currently, Kiva is offering $25.00 of free “starter” loan money to anyone who registers to become a lender.  The smallest loan increment happens to be $25.00.  So, you’re out nothing if the loan applicant you choose isn’t able to pay back their loan.  However, according to Microloan research done by Chiapas International, 97% of these types of loans are paid back, in full, by the borrower.  Who, by the way, are also 97% women.

I have linked to websites and information pages so that you can make your own decision.  Complete Home Hardware has made over 100 successful loans to countries like Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Viet Nam and others.  Hopefully, you will see the same benefits in giving opportunities to people in places where opportunity doesn’t come knocking as it did for most of us.  Handouts can make a person feel worthless and unable to help themselves.  Re-paying a loan with money made from hard work and the drive to find a better life is what makes a lasting impression and successful people.  Statistics show that “30% will leave poverty within 3 years of receiving their first microloan, through  Help like that doesn’t effect one man or one woman or even one family.  Soon, an entire local economy can be shaped, free trade promoted and communities strengthened.  Some believe that, perhaps wars can even be prevented through this kind of support.  The idea is that trades and merchandise will become too important within societies, to risk fighting and loosing valuable goods and services that are being traded back and forth.  Imagine…

It’s our hope at Complete Home Hardware that we might have turned a few of you on to a different kind of “helping” and offered new information to those that were already aware of the work Kiva does for hard working, and deserving people from less fortunate places than you and I live.  If we’ve impressed you enough to want to learn more or have even raised an eyebrow on some of you, please let us know by clicking the link below and becoming our friend on Facebook.  We would sure appreciate it.  See, one more way you can help today!  Thanks so much for taking the time to read about something so meaningful to us.

Jenny Owner- Complete Home Hardware

We know we’re the help you need but…

27 Apr

How do we tell you that we are the Home Hardware solution that you are looking for? That’s million dollar question; or so a small business like ours could hope.  As internet shoppers, profit minded custom home builders, real estate agent’s and the budget conscious home owner, have far too many choices of where to spend their money.

At Complete Home Hardware, we truly believe our product knowledge, “above and beyond” customer service and many years of experience, makes us the best choice for your home improvement projects.  When we are able to help make informed decisions, suggest the latest door hardware trends and save our customers money, that’s when we feel like we have done our job.

We are a business so, making our own profits are important as well.  How do we do that when there are so many competitors, on-line, vying for the same business?   We turn to the mighty Google search engine to let potential customers know where to find us. These days, it’s not as easy as as building a website and filling it with decorative home accessories and sitting back and watching the orders roll in.  When you search for oil rubbed bronze hinges or satin nickel bathroom hardware, it’s our goal to show up first on those search results pages.

With social network sites like Facebok and Twitter becoming more a part of our lives and a means to gather information, it’s no longer just fancy keywords and pretty product images that catch Googles attention and yours.  As an internet seller, we have to stay on top of the newest marketing techniques and advertising strategies.  One way I try to do that for our family run business is to take a Search Engine Optimization class.  Ross Jones, owner of  2 The Top Web Design ( lends his internet marketing expertise to people like us, helping to maximize our on-line efforts.

Ross sells marketing strategies.  Complete Home Hardware sells home improvement items; two very different products.  Our goals are the same.  Both business thrive on helping their clients and customers find the best products for them.

The next time you click on that blue link in the Google search results.  Know that we are working hard to get you to notice us.  When you do, we know you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks, Jenny

Owner at Complete Home Hardware

23 Apr

Looking for more out f your bathroom than a standard washroom? Here are some beautiful ideas. They look pretty rich but, don’t forget. A bit of smart shopping and you can accomplish most any decor without breaking the bank. We can help.

A Detailed House

In the comments section of my post, Sophisticated Rooms in Black and White, I had a request (from a blog I follow) if I had any black and white bathrooms. Well, of COURSE I’m going to oblige!

She is going to renovate a bathroom of a new home she is buying (yeah!), but  not knowing her taste, I wanted to make sure I gave her enough pictures to work with (all had appealing features). I lean towards traditional with a dash of modern thrown in for interest. And that’s great – for me! But this isn’t my bathroom! So you will see a progression because I have so many pictures. I’m going to try to cover many styles to make sure she has what she needs to be inspired. Warning: some of these bathrooms are not ones that are practical and have shortcomings, but have features and elements that still…

View original post 174 more words


FAQs for updating your home’s interior

19 Apr

Having been in the home hardware business for almost 10 years now, we have been asked about every question imaginable.  Usually the question begins with “This is probably a dumb question.”  Just like your 2nd grade teacher always said, “The only dumb questions is the one not asked.” That is certainly true of buying hardware for your home.  So, I figured I would head a lot of those questions off at the pass and help you get a head start on upgrading your house into the home you see when you close your eyes.  If I missed something, the staff at Complete Home Hardware loves helping people make those tough decisions, no matter how small. Sometimes the small ones are the hardest to make. Give us a call or shoot us an email.  Talk to you soon!

Hardware is always an afterthought when building a home, rehabbing a house for re-sale or for rental properties.  Choose Hardware first.  Hardware can become a focal part of the design and paint is easy to change.

Door Knob and Lever Function Knowing the terms for locket function can stop confusion and cut down on purchasing mistakes. Save time.

Dummy–  One Sided

  1.  Used for French Doors and Food Pantry Closets.
  2.  Any place someone wouldn’t walk from inside out.

PassageLatching, non-locking mechanism.

  1. Used for closets and common interior doors

Privacy–  Locking (non-keyed)

  1. a.   Used for bedroom and bathrooms.  As the name says…privacy

  Entry–     Keyed lockset.

  1. a.   Used for exterior entry doors
  2. b.   Any room with a need for added security. i.e. gun closet, office

  Handleset– Ornate entry lockset

  1. a.   May include deadbolt
  2. b.   Used for front entryway doors

  Single Cylinder Deadbolt– Security Lock

  1. a.   Unlocks with a key from outside and thumb turn from inside.

  Double Cylinder Deadbolt– Security Lock

  1. a.   Unlocks with a key from both sides of door

  Landlord Locks–  Easily change locks for new tenants or owners

  1. reduce the number of keys you and your property managers need to access your properties to just one key
  2.  reduce the number of keys you and your property managers need to access your properties to just one key
  3. Your cost is reduced by simply re-keying exchange cylinders,  new keys are included

  Add value to property with Upgraded Hardware      

1.  1st impressions last with potential buyers and renters

2.   People say that front door is like the smile of a house

        3.   Sets tone for what the prospective buyer will expect from rest of house

                  a. New hardware builds confidence in quality of the property

                  b. Separates your property from others in neighborhood.

                  c. May not get a higher price but, will help get off market sooner

Current trends in Home Hardware

         1.  Oil Rubbed Bronze– Living finish

a. Will change over time with use and the oils in your skin aid in the patina of the finish

         2.  Dark Bronze– Stable Finish

a.  Darker more rich finish than Oil Rubbed Bronze

b.  Pronounced bronze highlights at all hard edge

Satin Nickel- Timeless Clean Look

a. Matches popular stainless steel appliances

b. Adds to modern décor

c.  Easy to use with most home interior designs

Eclectic is in

1.  No Longer need to match finishes and style exactly

2.  Don’t try to match your furniture exactly.  Some contrast is good

3.  Cherry is out. Light Tan woods seem to be the latest trend

4.  Counter Tops-different types of stone are in

a.  Granite, limestone, Sandstone

b.  Steel is being used more and more.  It’s durable and easy to maintain.


Hardware By Rooms


1.  Fixtures are an easy and affordable upgrade.  Changes a room.

2.  Electrical Wall Plates.

a. Buy before you paint.  Different sizes and shapes will show old paint

3.   You can change all fixtures and accessories for less than $100


1.  Cabinet Hardware

a. Easy change and makes a big difference in décor

b. Sometimes need longer screws for drawers.  Extra “lip”

Sink Faucet

1.  Does it come with pop-up and drain assembly’

2.  How many holes are does your countertop have.

3.   The darker the finish the less it shows smudges


1.  Privacy locksets have a safety key.  Keep above door.

2.  If installing levers, make sure your levers are right side up.

3.  Locking button should be on the bottom.  Check for Left and Right hand latch


Potential Hardware Problems

1.  Screws backing out of handle-  tighten and apply Gorilla glue

2.  Keyes becoming hard to turn.  Do not force.  Call for warranty part

3.  Warranty is very important. Don’t get stuck buying new

4.  Handing of Levers.  Make sure they are right 1st time around

5.  Deadbolt won’t unlock from inside.  Cylinder tail wound wrong.

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